Stray Kids’ Lee Know Tries To Kiss Changbin To Interrupt His Workout Showing Their True Friendship

Changbin and Han’s reactions said it all.

K-Pop idols notoriously get bored in their waiting rooms while preparing for live performances, so usually, they pass the time by playing games or napping. In the case of Stray Kids Lee Know, he decided to be productive and pump up his muscles by doing some exercises before going on stage with his group at the 37th Golden Disc Awards in Thailand.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know | Stray Kids/YouTube

In a behind-the-scenes vlog posted to Stray Kids’ official YouTube channel, Lee Know starts lifting some chairs to work out his shoulders. Changbin and Han compliment him for working hard despite the awkward equipment.

(From left to right) Stray Kids’ Han, Changbin, and Lee Know | Stray Kids/YouTube

Changbin, well known for his muscular physique, began demonstrating exercises like the bench dip to teach Lee Know other simple movements they could do to stay in shape.

That’s when Lee Know suddenly made up a hilarious new exercise. He said, “For the head, kiss,” while leaning into Changbin’s face! Han and Changbin couldn’t control their confused reactions.

Instead of addressing what happened, Changbin tried to move on and continue demonstrating how to use a bench dip to focus on the triceps.

STAYs, Stray Kids’ official fandom, couldn’t help but freak out over Lee Know’s aggressive affections for his teammate.

Others were reminded of different times the Stray Kids members acted boldly.

Check out all the funny behind-the-scenes moments of Stray Kids’ performance at the 37th Golden Disc Awards in their vlog below! Lee Know starts his workout and tries to kiss Changbin at the 18:43 mark.

Stray Kids

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