Stray Kids’ Manager Is So Handsome That He’s Come To Bias Wreck STAYs

No one is safe.

Stray Kids held a fansign event as part of promotions for their mini album ClΓ© 2: Yellow Wood.

But, there was someone standing behind Lee Know that caught fans’ attention for his good looks.

It was their new manager. No one knows his name or where he came from, but fans were able to find one thing.

They found a photo taken of him by a fansite, and that truly means he’s handsome because fansites don’t take photos of just anyone.

And, STAYs agree because they’re joking that he could be Stray Kids’ tenth member and how they’d be happy with him if they couldn’t have Stray Kids themselves.

It looks like everyone has fallen for him and will be eagerly awaiting more information on him.

Stray Kids

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