Stray Kids Chose The Member Who’d Be The Best Boyfriend

One member received the most votes.

Choosing the love song “CASE 143” as their title track for the first time, the Stray Kids members are making fans fall for their lovable sides even more. Some might even be curious about which one would be the most loving as a significant other.

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

During a Japanese interview with Fuji TV, the media outlet asked Stray Kids which member they would choose as a boyfriend. There was one member who the group voted for most.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

The member who earned the majority of the votes was Seungmin. Han then gave a sneak peek into the kind of significant other Seungmin would be.


Although Seungmin often jokes around, Han complimented him on always being “very sincere” and never giving up on anything he does.

When a fan wanted to marry Han but couldn’t because he’d accepted too many other vows for marriage, Seungmin was the member he recommended once again as a good husband for the STAY.

It looks like some fans may now wish they were in Lee Know‘s place from their The 9th family sketch.

Seungmin and Lee Know. | @shmesm2/Twitter
Source: Fuji TV

Stray Kids

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