A Stray Kids Member Loves To Secretly Pay For Their Meals, Here’s Who

Even they didn’t know who the kind member was.

Despite having a specific method for deciding who pays for their group meals, one Stray Kids loves to treat their members by paying for it secretly. Since the payer’s identity was a mystery to the group, Changbin revealed who the considerate member was.

Changbin | @realstraykids/Instagram

For the group’s Singles Korea interview, one question asked the members which one of them pays for the most meals. Despite Changbin receiving the majority of votes for always losing bets, he chose Felix and shared the heartwarming reason why.

He revealed that Felix “likes to do something like a surprise event” and applies that to the members by paying without telling them. Changbin shared how Felix does it without getting noticed.

Whenever the members go to the bathroom, Felix doesn’t waste the chance to secretly pay. Even Han was surprised to find out and asked, “Did he?

Changbin confirmed it was true, “Yes, often.Lee Know joked that he would have to test it out by saying, “When I go to eat with Felix, I must go to the bathroom.

Felix doesn’t only show his love for the members with just his affection. He cares for them even when they don’t know he’s the one behind it.

Felix and Changbin. | @realstraykids/Instagram

See Changbin talking about the selfless act that’ll make you fall for Felix.

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