Stray Kids’ Members Name The First People They Called After Debuting

Here’s who they called with the good news of their debut!

Stray Kids just made their comeback on June 2 with “S-Class” off of their third studio album ★★★★★ (5-STAR).

To celebrate their return, they sat down with ELLE for a video all about the group’s “first” moments, such as their first day as a group and being recognized in public for the first time.

(Top row, from left:) Stray Kids’ Felix, Lee Know, Changbin, and Bang Chan (Bottom row, from left:) Han, Seungmin, Hyunjin, and I.N. | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

While discussing some of their most memorable “firsts” as a group, they naturally talked about one of their most important “first” moments, their debut day.

Stray Kids’ line-up was determined in 2017 through a JYP Entertainment and Mnet idol survival competition show, which was also called Stray Kids.

A screenshot from Stray Kids’ survival show | Mnet

During the show’s final episode, Felix and Lee Know were brought back from their previous eliminations, and the group’s final line-up was determined.

Upon learning they would be making their hard-earned debut, they, of course, wanted to let their loved ones know. In their interview with ELLE, the members shared exactly who they called with the good news.


Seungmin revealed that he called his mom when he learned he would debut.


Han hilariously shared that he called no one.

Bang Chan

Although Seungmin hilariously suggested that the Aussie member called a “kangaroo” when he learned he would debut, leader Bang Chan believes he actually called DAY6‘s Young K. Bang Chan heartwarmingly shared that Young K was a mentor to him and watched him grow up. He can’t remember for sure, but he believes his first call was to his labelmate.


Felix called his uncle to let him know he would be debuting. His uncle congratulated him and told him to keep working hard.


Stray Kids’ maknae I.N re-enacted his first call to his grandma, sharing that his grandma sweetly asked what channel she could watch her grandson on now that he had debuted.

While Changbin, Hyunjin, and Lee Know didn’t get a chance to answer the question during the interview, the Stray Kids finale was aired live, so hopefully, their loved ones were all tuned in!

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