WEi Made Stray Kids’ Seungmin Cry—For The Most Heartwarming Reason

“Why are you making me cry?”

Stray KidsSeungmin and WEi‘s Seokhwa have been friends since their trainee days and proved how close they were when one of them accidentally fell. That wasn’t the only moment between the two groups that left viewers feeling warm inside.

On that episode of Weekly Idol, Seungmin ended up crying thanks to his juniors but for a very sweet reason.


Dedicating a special stage to fans, Junseo, Seokhwa, Yongha, and Daehyeon sang a cover of BLACKPINK‘s “STAY”.

The performance was a hit for Seungmin, who praised the group. He said, “Their voices are all so sweet, but the lyrics are so sad.

He was so touched by their stage that he admitted to crying. Seungmin made them laugh by asking, “Why are you making me cry, WEi?

Yohan and MC Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk pointed out Seungmin’s facial expression, which left them unsure if he was crying. Seungmin confirmed he hadn’t been joking and actually cried “a little.

For Seungmin to be moved to tears, WEi truly put on a heartfelt performance.

It looks like WEi did BLACKPINK justice with their cover, using vocals full of the most touching emotions.

WEi | @WEi__Official/Twitter

See Seungmin shed a few tears after listening to WEi.

Stray Kids

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