Stray Kids’ Seungmin Is Coming For Felix’s TikTok King Title

Seungmin is claiming his own royal TikTok title!

Stray KidsFelix is undeniably the TikTok king. He knows all the viral dances, slays every challenge he takes on, and always puts a huge smile on Stays’ faces.

Recently, however, Seungmin has been blazing his own TikTok trail and is coming to claim a royal TikTok title of his own!

Taking on Cosmopolitan‘s TikTok challenge, Stray Kids were tasked with learning and performing the viral dances. While each member absolutely crushed their individual challenges…

Seungmin’s adorable take on Dua Lipa‘s “Don’t Start Now” not only brought some serious uwu but left fans feeling more than a little attacked by his skills!

With such a flawless and cute performance, Stays couldn’t help sharing the clip of his dance online and no sooner had it gone up than it quickly began racking up the views. Seungmin’s dance quickly shot past 500,000 views, soared past 800,000, before rocketing straight past 1 million views in less than a week!

In addition to that clip, more of Seungmin’s heart-stopping TikTok videos took over Twitter and racked up the views as everyone wanted to see even more of Seungmin’s dances.

With Seungmin stealing everyone’s heart with his videos, Stays were more than ready to declare him TikTok royalty too.

Looks like Stray Kids officially has two TikTok kings now!

Check out Seungmin’s full TikTok challenge as well as the other members’ challenges in the video below:

Stray Kids