Stray Kids’ Seungmin Hates JYP Entertainment’s Recording Studio

He has a good reason.

Stray KidsSeungmin may not seem like the emotional type, but there’s one thing that has affected him: the JYP Entertainment recording studio.

In a recent episode of Stray Kids’ “2 Kids Room,” Bang Chan and Seungmin discussed their relationship. Bang Chan even talked about a time when he had cried in front of Seungmin, prompting him to remember a time when the younger member had cried in front of him.

Bang Chan: Oh I remember!

Seungmin: Oh, during recording

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan (left) and Seungmin (right) | Stray Kids/YouTube 

Seungmin then explained that he hates the recording studio at JYP Entertainment. He quickly added that he doesn’t hate the company, but has bad memories of the studio.

Seungmin: I really hate the recording studio at JYP. I’m not saying I hate our company. It’s just that the studio there…

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Seungmin associates the recording studio with the emotional turmoil he went through there. Bang Chan agreed that the pressure while recording is intense.

Seungmin: I’m being really serious. I went though so much emotional turmoil there.

Bang Chan: The pressure is intense there, right?

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Seungmin added that he’s much more comfortable recording in Bang Chan’s studio, “Chan’s Room.”

Seungmin: It’s a space where I went through so much trial and error. That’s why Chan’s Room is much more comfortable for me.

Bang Chan: Yeah.

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Since Bang Chan has heard recordings of Seungmin’s voice from the different locations, Seungmin asked if the older member could tell the difference.

Seungmin: You’d know since you received my recordings, right? My voice is different when I record there.

Bang Chan: So different!

Seungmin: I feel like a whole different person.

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It seems Seungmin finds comfort in “Chan’s Room,” similarly to STAYs that tune in to watch Bang Chan’s weekly live broadcasts.

Fans are happy that the two can find comfort in each other.

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