Stray Kids’ Seungmin’s Plan To Scare Han Backfired In The Most Ironic Way

Han turned the tables on him.

Whenever Stray Kids mentions Seungmin, they can’t forget to include his habit of trying to scare them, mostly intentionally and sometimes unintentionally.

During the group’s appearance in an episode for AbemaTV, Seungmin did what he did best, planning to scare Lee Know and Han. Ironically, he was the one who ended up scared.

While Bang Chan was hiding further on the far side of the room, Seungmin and Felix were waiting near the doorway leading in. Firmly tucked into his corner, Seungmin was itching to jump out of his spot and spook them.

When they were close enough for him to touch, Seungmin stepped out. Lee Know whipped his head in his direction and nearly threw up his arms in defense. Contrary to his plans, Seungmin was then taken by surprise by Han.

Upon seeing Seungmin suddenly pop out, Han had yelled so loud that he ended up scaring him instead. Seungmin turned out to be the one taking steps back in fear. The turn of events had the show replaying the scene and everyone cracking up.

Not only had Han won by instead scaring Seungmin, but he’d done it without even knowing it. He may get scared easily but can do the scaring as well.

Either way, it won’t stop Seungmin from playing tricks on the members and coming up with new ways to scare them.

Watch Han unknowingly turn the tables on Seungmin’s entire plan here.

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