Stray Kids’ I.N Thought His Members Cursed On Live Broadcast And His Reaction Is Precious

He couldn’t believe what was happening.

While on a live broadcast, Stray Kids ate watermelon Seungmin and Felix had prepared.


As they were eating, Leader Bang Chan asked the audience, “Who likes peaches?” He’d mentioned it because he liked peaches, and Felix agreed with him.

Bang Chan kept talking with Felix about how much he loved the fruit because it was his favorite. But, maknae I.N suddenly gave a surprised look to the camera.

He was so startled that he froze and looked off-camera. Because Bang Chan had been saying “peaches” in English, along with his Australian accent and all of the noise they were making, the word could’ve easily been misheard as a “b*tches.”

After realizing that nothing bad was said, he continued to eat his watermelon. But, he was so worried because he was only looking out for his members. Watch the funny moment starting at 33:07.

Stray Kids