Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Heard TWICE’s Kind Words About Them, And He Returned The Favor

TWICE’s words cheered up Bang Chan!

In a recent live broadcast, TWICE shared that they’ve been watching their junior labelmates, Stray Kids, on Kingdom. TWICE also showered Stray Kids with praise, saying that they practice until early in the morning. Nayeon also said that when Stray Kids practice, “the ground trembles.”

TWICE’s Nayeon

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan was told about TWICE’s kind words, and he returned the favor!

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

In a recent episode of Chan’s Room, a fan told Bang Chan about TWICE’s kind words and asked him if he’s not tired from practicing so much.

Bang Chan said that Stray Kids want to have perfect performances, so they spend a lot of time practicing to show that they’re trying their best.

Bang Chan then praised TWICE and said that they’re the same, saying that TWICE is always practicing hard.

TWICE’s kind comments about Stray Kids cheered up Bang Chan a lot!

Another adorable moment between Stray Kids and TWICE!

Source: Naver Live

Stray Kids