Stray Kids Woojin’s Airport Visuals Make Him Look Like A Rich CEO Straight Out Of A Drama

STAYs weren’t ready to be attacked like this.

The airport is one of the places where idols show off their stunning visuals, and Stray KidsWoojin took everyone by storm with his look.


Even before he exited the car, he gave off the vibes of a rich CEO arriving to take his private plane.

Wearing a simple button-up shirt, fitted pants, and understated accessories, he fit the role perfectly and definitely stood out doing it.

His wavy, light brown hair added to the look, making him look like a male lead straight out of a drama.

Although he didn’t quite accomplish his dream job in the way he expected, he finally did it.

Everyone needs more looks like this from CEO Woojin from now on.

Stray Kids

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