“Street Woman Fighter” Monika Shin Makes This $16 Dress Look Expensive AF, And Netizens Are Loving It

Netizens are obsessed with this look!

Monika Shin from PROWDMON often surprises audiences with all the looks she turns on Street Woman Fighter! Her unique visuals, which she herself described as “handsome,” make her stand out from the crowd.

Dancer Monika Shin. | @monika_shin/Instagram

She rocks everything from casual and masculine looks…

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… to more elaborate, feminine ones.

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But this outfit from episode 7 might be the newest favorite among Street Woman Fighter viewers! She wore a simple slip dress with a pair of white sneakers, giving it a casual edge.

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Her hair was tied up in a messy ponytail that made her stunning appearance seen even more effortless!

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Monika’s look from this episode is so popular that clips of her from the episode have gained over 100k views online.

So fans were surprised to hear from Monika herself that the dress is actually from Coupang — the Amazon of South Korea known for its affordable prices and “rocket delivery.”

This?? This one’s from Coupang.

— Monika

Viewers scoured Coupang to find the dress and came across one that looks pretty much identical to Monika’s long, dark blue slip dress with a slit up the side — and it’s priced at only ₩18,900 KRW (about $16.10 USD)!

| Coupang via theqoo

A post about Monika’s dress got hundreds of comments on an online Korean community forum. Fans were amazed at how she could make something so low-priced look like a designer item! It definitely takes someone with an amazing physique and strong visuals to pull that off.

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  • “410. This is crazy… Like, seriously. This is Monika’s visual and body proportions pulling it off… No one would believe that dress is less than ₩20,000 KRW (about $17.00 USD). She makes it look like a luxury brand dress.”
  • “411. Of course Monika slayed this look… But wow, I honestly did not think her dress would be sold off Coupang for that price.”
  • “412. She is such a queen that she can make literally anything look luxurious AF.”
  • “413. How is this even possible, she makes it look so effortlessly elegant!
  • “414. If you look at the dress only, it’s not special at all. It’s just a cheap slip dress. But with Monika’s visual, it looks like expensive silk.”
  • “415. Talk about her face completing this entire look… Only she could pull this off.”

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Source: Instagram and theqoo