Here’s Why It’s Stressful To Make A Demo For A K-Pop Company, According To A Dance Crew

It’s harder than it looks.

Ever wondered what the process of sending a demo to a K-Pop company is like?

LACHICA’s original choreography of CLC’s “Helicopter” | @La Chica/YouTube

Street Woman Fighter dance crew LACHICA briefly touched up on the subject in a reaction video for TWICE‘s “Perfect World.”

Simeez (left), Gabee (top), and Rian (right) | @la.chica_official/Instagram
TWICE’s “Perfect World”

Gabee revealed that they usually don’t have a lot of time to prepare before they film and send the demo. They have to match the number of dancers with the number of people in the K-Pop group. Sometimes, they even make the choreography for the backup dancers.

We film a demo and send it, but we don’t have a lot of time. We have to call dancers and practice too. We need some time for that.

— Gabee

They surprisingly only meet with the other dancers at most three times before the final demo! Due to this, they always feel stressed on the day itself. Tensions are high because they want it to go as smoothly as possible without inconveniencing each other.

We meet only about twice or thrice before filming, so the dancers are also very tense and anxious at that time. We are also super tense so we don’t inconvenience the rest.

— Gabee

Concluding her thoughts, Gabee looked back on the day they filmed the demo for “Perfect World.” She remembered that she used up a lot of her energy back then. It must have been a particularly stressful demo to shoot!

I remember spending a lot of my energy that day.

— Gabee

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Source: YouTube