Students In India Did Their Drills With BLACKPINK, BTS, And NCT Songs And It Was Pure Fire

Raise your hand if you think all school drills should be like this!

School drills and assemblies aren’t always the most exciting things for students but one school in India took things to a whole other level and left everyone cheering for more with their drill session featuring K-Pop!


A few weeks ago, a few videos of the school drills from St. Mary’s in Shillong, India were uploaded online. These videos soon caught the attention of K-Pop fans everywhere and it’s no surprise why!


Standing in lines with colored flags in each hand, the students took to the field at the school and started performing their drills. But it certainly wasn’t the average drill! Starting off with songs like Maroon 5‘s “Girls Like You” and Fall Out Boy‘s “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark”, they already had the entire crowd of onlookers cheering.


And from there it just kept getting better! As the drill for classes 6 to 10 continued, the songs morphed into NCT‘s “Cherry Bomb” and then BTS‘s “Fire”!


As for class 12, they gave an outstanding performance dancing along to Little Mix‘s “Salute”, BTS’s “Mic Drop”, and a BLACKPINK remix!


Both drills left the crowd cheering and K-Pop fans everywhere cheering too! Check out the amazing drills below!