Suga Explained What BTS Would Do If A Member Wanted To Leave The Group

Suga spoke candidly about how BTS would respectfully handle this situation.

Without all seven members, BTS isn’t BTS. After experiencing hardships and successes side by side, the members have chosen to stay together, but what would happen if one wanted to go his own way?

In Episode 1 of BTS’s docuseries, Break The Silence, BTS opened up about their struggles, including why they considered disbanding in 2018. It was a year that began with pressure and doubts, but as J-Hope said, it ended up being “one of our best years”.

While RM explained why BTS chose to stay together, despite “looking in different directions”, Suga sheds light on what would happen if a member did want to leave BTS.

“We’ve become closer than family, in a way,” Suga explained. “We can put everything else aside, and talk freely about how we can move forward and improve.”

If a member wanted to go off in a different direction, Suga said the other members would try to persuade that member to stay and work things out as a group.

“We also respect each other,” he said. “so if someone said that they can’t do this anymore because of certain reasons, of course we’d tried to persuade that person, think it over together, and overcome difficulties…”

In the end, that member still wanted to leave, the others would all respect his decision.

…but if that’s still not enough, we can say, ‘We understand. It’s your life, so we respect that.

— Suga

Thankfully, BTS is planning to stay with each other, and ARMY, for a very long time! They have proven over and over again that together there’s no problem they can’t solve, and no struggle they can’t overcome.

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