This Is What BTS’s Suga Would Have Looked Like As Chef Min Yoongi

Just like straight out of a K-Drama.

BTS‘s Suga is a fierce rapper on stage, taking on the world with his flow and rhyme – but in the kitchen, he can also be “Chef Min Yoongi” with his exceptional cooking skills.


Fans can’t help but wonder what Suga would have been like as a culinary expert, instead of a K-Pop idol.


In the past episodes of Run BTS!, Suga boasted his ability to work some magic in the kitchen.


As Suga worked on making some classic menus, like pasta and steak, ARMYs immediately fell in love with this whole new side of Suga…


… also known as Chef Min Yoongi. This “Chef Min Yoongi” is also as charismatic as “Rapper Suga” and knows exactly what he’s doing with himself.


Check out Suga’s pan work caught on camera:


ARMYs want to know where chef Min Yoongi’s restaurant is located!


With his awesome superpowers in the kitchen, Suga created these absolutely delicious-looking dishes for his fellow teammates.


Who wouldn’t want a bite?! Watch Chef Min Yoongi at work here:

Source: THEQOO