What Sulli Actually Said About Kissing Kim Soo Hyun Was Too Risque For TV

Sulli was asked to describe her kiss scene with Kim Soo Hyun in their upcoming movie, Real.

In a recent interview, Sulli described the kiss with Kim Soo Hyun, but her answer was censored out.

Kim Soo Hyun’s response to Sulli’s censored message then invoked even more curiosity.

“You should say something that’s allowed to be aired on television.”

— Kim Soo Hyun

On Shindong’s radio program, the host who had interviewed them finally revealed what Sulli had said.

“I’ll reveal it because it wasn’t extremely inappropriate, but rather it was a little sensitive to be aired on broadcast television. At the time, Sulli replied, ‘His lips were delicious.'”

— Kim Seon Keun

Watch the segment below!

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