Sulli Captures Everyone’s Attention With Her Most Innocent Fashion Outfit To Date

She looks so angelic.

Sulli was spotted with a new change of fashion style during her latest trip to the airport.


She debuted the new innocent look as she headed off to Bali for a photoshoot.


She wore a bright yellow shirt-dress that flowed down her knees, as well as an undershirt, ankle-high socks, comfy sneakers and a beautiful green bag to match!


While it’s being called one of her most “simplest” outfits that she’s worn recently, fans can’t help but awe at her beauty.


The outfit doesn’t just emphasize how gorgeous Sulli is, it also feels like she is welcoming spring!


The addition of a green purse really brings the springtime feeling and makes Sulli shine.


With the gentle breeze blowing through her hair she is the picture of angelic beauty.


It’s no wonder Sulli has captured many hearts with her lovely fashion!

Source: 1boon
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