Sulli and G-Dragon’s Instagram Accounts Are Strangely Similar

Fans have recently noticed that G-Dragon and Sulli’s social media accounts share a number of similarities and these posts are fuelling speculation around their relationship.

Sulli and G-Dragon have both been recognized for their interesting and entertaining Instagram accounts. While Sulli’s personal account has caused controversy for her risque photos, Sulli has also used her account to update fans and speak out against haters. G-Dragon’s Instagram tends to be less controversial but garners just as much interest for his personal humor and his stylized aesthetic.

Recently, however, their accounts have seemed more similar than ever, leading many to wonder about the nature of the relationship between G-Dragon and Sulli. In fact, the fact that their recent Instagram posts appear to mirror each other has fuelled speculation as to whether this is simply a coincidence, or if there is a closer connection.

From similar images of art, matching fashion, and mirrored photographic styles, Sulli and G-Dragon’s personal Instagram accounts have started to appear strangely similar.

Check out some examples of why some believe there may be a connection between the two:

Last week, Sulli updated fans as she made her way to them with a humorous, relaxed selfie.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon posted a similar photo as he also made his way to France to attend a fashion show. Fans have even speculated that they might have been on the same flight, given the similarity between the posts.

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Speculation of the pair’s closeness escalated after Sulli was spotted at G-Dragon’s exclusive party (along with Goo Hara and Gain) in Paris. This lead many to believe that they are close friends.

Sulli also recently took to Instagram to post a relaxed travel photo and that’s when fans noticed a familiar ring.

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A photo of G-Dragon’s rings can be found on his Instagram and fans were quick to notice that G-Dragon and Sulli have the same heart ring.

The most likely explanation as to why their Instagrams are so similar is that the pair are merely close friends as confirmed by their recent trip to a theme park.