Sulli’s Revelation of Why She Didn’t Press Charges Against a Malicious Comment Resurfaces Online

Sulli didn’t want to make a young college student into a convict.

A past revelation that Sulli made on JTBC’s The Night of Hate Comments back in June has resurfaced online.

Sulli confessed that she once reported a netizen who posted a malicious comment about her online, but that the netizen was a student of a famous university who was also the same age as her.

If I didn’t deal with it quietly, the netizen would have went from a student to a convict.

– Sulli

She then went on to share that she took care of the malicious comment quietly despite the fact that she already reported it.

Although they left a mean comment, I felt bad making someone of the same age into a convict.

– Sulli

Sulli expressed that if she ever ended up reporting a malicious comment again, she would go through with it rather than dealing with it quietly. But it’s been reported that she never pressed charges after that incident despite the ongoing malicious comments.

In the past, Sulli’s manager explained that Sulli was a considerate and thoughtful girl and that in contrast to the common perception, she had a very warm heart.

On October 14, Sulli was found by her manager in her Seongnam home. At the request of her family, Sulli’s funeral will be kept privatebut a separate memorial for fans will be held today and tomorrow.

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Source: Dispatch

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