The Shocking Reason Why Even Small Agencies Can Manipulate Music Charts

A Korean disco band confessed that they were contacted by an intermediary broker.

In light of the music chart manipulation scandal, the Korean disco band, Sultan of the Disco spoke up about their experience with it despite being from a small agency.

In a podcast with Jung Young Jin and Choi Wook, Sultan of the Disco expressed their certainly that chart manipulation takes place.

I can’t tell you who, but if you look at the music chart graphs, it’s pretty clear. No one can shoot up to the top like that.

– Sultan of the Disco Member

Sultan of the Disco also explained that they were once offered to manipulate the charts from an intermediary broker.

When we released our album last year, we got contacted about how we qualified for chart manipulation since we debuted over 10 years ago.

– Sultan of the Disco Member

They then revealed that you actually don’t have to have a lot of money to participate in chart manipulation.

The broker proposed that we take 80 percent of the profits while they take 20. If you don’t have money, the agency lends it to you. I don’t have money, but if I want to manipulate the charts, I can do it.

– Sultan of the Disco Member

Ahead of this reveal, some artists suspected of chart manipulation explained that they couldn’t have even if they wanted to because they don’t have the money.

Source: Insight