Sung Hoon Completely Transformed an Abandoned Dog With Measles

She turned into a whole different dog after Sung Hoon adopted her!

Sung Hoon has been receiving a lot of attention in Korean online communities because of a dog he adopted and the dramatic transformation that resulted.


Last year, Sung Hoon consistently took care of dogs at a shelter and later adopted a dog named Yanghee.


At the time, Yanghee was suffering from measles and was on the brink of death.

But after Sung Hoon adopted her and showered her with love, Yanghee made a complete transformation to the point of being unrecognizable.

According to the posts that Sung Hoon has been uploading online, Yanghee grew considerably bigger with lots of fur.

On top of that, she can be seen playing and having a great time with a big smile on her face.

Not only does Yanghee look healthy and happy…

But Sung Hoon seems to be as well!

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So heartwarming.


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