Sunhwa Makes Headlines For Wearing Boots Gifted To Her By Her Former “Husband” Kwanghee—6 Years Ago

Our hearts literally cannot handle this 😍

We Got Married was a variety program that focused on fictional marriages of the hottest stars between 2008-2017. The show unearthed some of South Korea’s biggest fake “it” couples, such as CN BLUE‘s Jung Yong Hwa and Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun2PM‘s Nichkhun and f(x)‘s VictoriaBTOB‘s Yook Sungjae and Red Velvet‘s Joy, and more. And while the show concluded years ago, it seems like a former We Got Married alum has started to make headlines for something quite adorable.

“We Got Married” wedding photos of f(x)’s Victoria (left) and 2PM’s Nichkhun (right) | MBC

Former SECRET member Han Sunhwa has started to belatedly become the center of attention—and its all thanks to a pair of shoes! The former girl group member was previously “married” to former ZE:A member Kwanghee on We Got Married and it didn’t take long for the two to take off. Sunhwa and Kwanghee became an instant hit amongst viewers for their chaotic energy and personalities.

Kwanghee (left) and Sunhwa (right) on “We Got Married” | MBC

And while it may be over half a decade later since their fictitious “marriage” ended, Han Sunhwa is belatedly making headlines for wearing a pair of boots that were given to her by her former “husband”—6 years later.

Back in September 2019, the former SECRET member uploaded a series of adorable photos of herself on the streets of Seoul. However, the pink boots that were seen in the pictures made all former We Got Married fans scream in excitement. If you look closely at Sunhwa’s photos, you can see that she is wearing a pair of pink ankle booties.

And while in any other instance it may be just another pair of boots, this specific pair is a little more special—and it’s because Kwanghee gifted them to her during an episode of We Got Married!

Kwanghee putting on the pink boots for Sunhwa | MBC

The fit, the style, the color are all the same!

Sunhwa’s 2019 Instagram picture (left) vs. when she got them in 2013 (right) | @shh_daily/Instagram, MBC

The fact that Sunhwa has kept the boots for the past 6 years is making our hearts melt. We hope this news reaches Kwanghee because we’re sure he will appreciate it.

You can watch the exact moment Kwanghee purchased the boots for his “wife” down below.