Sunmi Expresses Concern for TWICE Members Who Suffer Malicious Comments on a Regular Basis

“There comes a time when it becomes very hard to endure.” – Sunmi

On a YouTube channel called MuFully, Sunmi and her brother chatted with TWICE fans about the malicious comments the members suffer and how it affects them.

 A TWICE fan named Joo Sung expressed his worry about the malicious comments TWICE members suffer and asked Sunmi for advice.

There was a time when TWICE had a hard time because of malicious comments. Since fans don’t understand how stars feel, we get really worried when they suffer malicious comments.

– Joo Sung

And in response, Sunmi drew from her own experience to share how the members must feel.

Many girl groups have a hard time because of this. They’re often not even true, and it often feels like people who hate you are writing fictional stories online.

– Sunmi

Sunmi continued,

There comes a time when it becomes very hard to endure malicious comments. You don’t get made just because you saw one comment. You keep reading malicious comments and you hold it in. I can guarantee that TWICE held it in hundreds of times before fans saw what they were suffering.

– Sunmi

Sunmi added that she always monitors her “hoobaes” when they make a comeback and explained why she felt so touched by their MV for “Feel Special”.

They looked so mature in the MV. Especially when Jihyo came out and sang, ‘Even when the world pushes me down’, I bet the fans felt really comforted.

– Sunmi

Sunmi debuted with JYP‘s Wonder Girls back in 2007, making this her 13th year as an idol in Korea as a “sunbae” of TWICE.


Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight