Sunmi Modestly Names Her “Hoobae” IU As The Unrivaled Top Female Solo Artist In Korea

A fan called Sunmi the top female solo artist in Korea, but Sunmi was quick to disagree.

Sunmi recently starred in a 1theK Originals video, Look Me Up, where she searched her own name in various online portals and showed real-time reactions to what he found.

 Sunmi searched her own name on Melon, top music steaming website in Korea, and read the comments left on her hit MV, “24 Hours.”

And under the debut song of her solo career was a comment which read,

This was the beginning of the unrivaled top female solo artist in Korea.

– Fan

But Sunmi disagreed.

Personally, I think IU is the unrivaled top female solo artist in Korea.

– Sunmi

After handing over the unofficial title to her “hoobae” of 1 year, Sunmi revealed what she is willing to take credit for.

But it has been 7 years since I’ve been an artist who is known for focusing on performance. I’d like it if you acknowledged me for that.

– Sunmi

Sunmi, who debuted through Wonder Girls back in 2007 and went solo in 2013, modestly refused the title of the unrivaled top female solo artist to IU, who debuted as a solo artist 1 year later in 2008.

While Sunmi is a successful solo artist in her own right, her modesty is also what makes her that much more lovable among fans.


Just another reason to love Sunmi!


And IU, too, of course.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight