Sunmi Revealed MIYANE Will Finally Be Able To Get Her Official Lightstick

Sunmi’s lightstick is coming and soon!

MIYANE its time to celebrate because Sunmi is finally getting an official lightstick!


Fans have been waiting for Sunmi to get her own official lightstick for a long time and now it’s happening! On June 5, Sunmi teased fans with a teaser image for her upcoming Miya-bong with a simple message, “coming soon.”


But fans didn’t have to wait long to find out when the mysterious soon was! The very next day after the first announcement, Sunmi dropped more news about it and revealed that the lightstick would be dropping on June 10!

Sales date: 2019.06.10 (MON) 12:00PM (KS) ~


Many fans have already expressed their excitement over getting an official lightstick after all this time and can’t wait to see an ocean of Miya-bongs at her concerts!

Meanwhile, Sunmi will be holding her encore concert for Warning tour on June 15!