Sunmi Shares Her Support For GOT7 BamBam’s New Album “riBBon,” And It Is The Most Wholesome Thing Ever

She even visited him while he was filming his music video!

After GOT7‘s BamBam signed with ABYSS COMPANY, fans cannot get enough of his relationship with fellow artist Sunmi! As well as being the reason he chose to sign a contract with the agency, they also celebrated their joint birthday together!

In particular, Sunmi has shown her support for BamBam both before and after the release of his new album riBBon and it is the most wholesome thing ever!

| @miyayeah/Instagram

During an interview with Mobidic, BamBam discussed the story behind signing with ABYSS COMPANY and even phoned Sunmi to chat with her!

When the host asked whether Sunmi had listened to BamBam’s new track “riBBon,” she exclaimed that she had not only heard it but also visited him as he was filming the song’s music video.

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After praising BamBam some more, she left him with some words of wisdom and advice that just showed how much Sunmi believes in him!

You don’t need to worry. I know how hard you are trying. I hope you perform and show your real self on the stage freely.

— Sunmi

| Mobidic/YouTube 

If that wasn’t enough, when the album came out, Sunmi tweeted words of support on her social media! As well as retweeting the music video link with some adorable emojis, including the statement ribbon, she even sent a message of support saying, “Ah… BamBam… What should I do… He’s so cute really…Everyone wear a ribbon with BamBam…

There is no denying that their interactions are heartwarming! Make sure to join Sunmi in showing your support for BamBam by listening to his new album and watching the video for his track “riBBon” below.

Source: Mobidic, FI, FI and FI