Sunmi Expresses Concerns Over Using Twitter And Being Called “Boomer”

Twitter is a scary place.

On the 30th of June, Sunmi did a special Q&A session with fans via Twitter‘s Blueroom. A question about her tweets itself naturally was brought up. Back in early May, Sunmi posted a tweet indicating that she thought she might take a break from the site temporarily while she figured out what was going on.

Sunmi related that she thought that she was someone that was trendy and up-to-date with Twitter and its culture, but soon realized that she might be the only one that thought so.

Many fans and people in general had taken to commenting “ok, boomer” and the like, as replies to her tweets. One particular one was highlighted in the Q&A, although the original user has since taken it down.

The original tweet had commented that Sunmi was digging up “boomer jokes”, to which she appeared to be hurt over it as she admitted that she was old. She expressed her confusion over it given that she had put in effort to search for gifs and jokes online.

Sunmi further explained that ever since her short break from Twitter, she has returned to the Twittersphere but refrains from posting jokes. Watch the full cut of her explaining her Twitter experience here.

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