Sunmi Uploaded A Video Of Her Lightstick In Action And It’s Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

Leave it to Sunmi to think completely out of the box.

K-Pop lightsticks are getting more and more ingenious these days; from DAY6‘s lightband to BLACKPINK‘s squeaking Hammer-Bong there’s no shortage of unique and cool lightstick designs. Sunmi‘s newly revealed lightstick – the MIYABONG – is definitely one for the books.

Sunmi revealed the official design of the MIYABONG on Twitter on June 9. One feature that stood out as advertised in the post was the rotation mode.

On June 15, Sunmi uploaded a video of her long awaited lightstick in action on her Twitter account.


Until now there hasn’t been a lightstick like this…!!

Is this a lightstick or a mirror ball?🤣

The brightly sparkling and beautifully spinning #Miyabong! The moment you shake it in your hand, it’s guaranteed to be a super insider party🤟💜#SUNMI #MIYANE #Today_Is_Finally_The_Day_The_Hot_Topic_Miyabong_Is_Revealed


There are a few lightsticks with moving pieces already, such as WJSN‘s which is reminiscent of a child’s mobile, but Sunmi’s is the first that spins on its own thanks to the Rotation Mode. A spinning disco ball is 100% the kind of lightstick we’d expect from Sunmi and excited MIYANE can’t wait to wave their MIYABONGs at one of the stops on Sunmi’s Warning Tour.

The MIYABONG went on online presale from June 10 to 13, and is on sale officially starting June 15. It can be ordered online and can also be picked up at the concert.