Sunmi Reveals She Purposely Gained over 15 Pounds Ahead of Her World Tour

“When I was really busy, I weighed as little as 90 pounds.”

The fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan recently revealed an interview they had with Sunmi for their April issue where she opened up her figure which is often called very skinny.

In the interview, Sunmi confessed, “When I was really busy, I lost so much weight that I went down to 90 pounds, but I set my mind to gaining weight for the world tour and went up to 108 pounds.

That means Sunmi successfully gained 18 pounds in order to show her fans all over a world a healthier version of herself.

Sunmi explained further by saying, “Consuming plentiful amounts of food more often while exercising at the same time helped me gain weight.” She also added, “My pants used to be loose around the waist, but they fit really well now.

Check out a few more of Sunmi’s recent photos that show her at a healthier weight below:


Source: Insight