Sunmi Wrote A Song For TWICE, But Here’s Why You’ll Never Hear It

She had all the parts picked out for each member.

During a live broadcast, Sunmi revealed that she was the original songwriter approached to write TWICE‘s highly-anticipated hit “CRY FOR ME”. Despite the timing not working out, Sunmi revealed another time she’d actually completed writing a song for the group.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

When Sunmi and Park Jin Young appeared on Radio Star, she noted that he hadn’t known what happened. “I don’t think you heard about this.” He confirmed that he hadn’t been aware.

She revealed that JYP Entertainment approached her to participate in TWICE’s upcoming release. “I actually received an offer from JYP Entertainment to write a song… They said a TWICE album is in the making.

Sunmi didn’t turn down the opportunity and quickly put together a demo that took every member’s vocal color into account.

So I said of course, I’d love to. I even recorded a demo using a cutesy voice… I wrote it thinking about which part might fit which member, like ‘This part is for Nayeon’ and ‘This part is for Momo’.

— Sunmi

All of her hard work resulted in a swift rejection. “But I guess the song didn’t fit TWICE’s color. So yeah… It was cut.

Since the guest beside Sunmi was a composer, he reassured her that it took many rejections to create a song that’ll make the cut. “You’ll improve from getting cut a couple of times… I’ve been cut like 50,000 times.

Sunmi had her own thoughts about why the company had rejected the song. “I even wrote the lyrics thinking about TWICE members and how they would fit it… but I think it might have been a bit too sexy.

Since Sunmi is such a talented and creative artist, finding out about the rejection caused ONCEs sadness from knowing they’ll never hear the song.

Because music can be revised, maybe Sunmi will tweak it a bit and submit it to the company once more. As of now, it’ll be a song that no one will ever get to hear.