Super Junior’s Choi Siwon Gives ELFs Permission To Call Him “Daddy”

Siwon played along with his fans’ joke!

In a recent Instagram live, Super Junior‘s Siwon caught up with his fans as the new year was soon approaching.

While doing the Instagram live, the conversation between him and fans suddenly shifted to what they can call him and to what they can’t after one fan greeted him a happy new year and addressed him as ahjussi.

Fans started commenting various words they wanted to use to address Siwon. Some of which he read were “ahjussi” which is a word you can use to address men who are around 20 years older than you, and “samchon” which means “uncle.” Siwon immediately denied fans permission to call him these.

He was so shocked when he read “samchon” in the comments and said “No” multiple times! He told his fans not to call him that in the funniest and cutest way!

He did agree with fans calling him “Siwon-ssi” and “oppa,” despite rejecting the other nicknames.

Siwon also read one comment that said “daddy” and although he rejected that nickname as well, he eventually caved in and allowed fans to call him that. He looked hesitant with agreeing to let his fans call him that, but he just laughed it off and listed word that rhyme with the word “daddy.”

Despite Siwon giving his fans permission to call him “daddy,” ELFs are reminding each other to be careful when addressing him that and to be respectful towards their idol, as fans should be.

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