Super Junior’s Donghae Reassures Fans That His Knee Surgery Was A Success

We’re glad to see that he is okay!

Super Junior’s Donghae posted a photo on Instagram and reassured fans that he was okay. The photo showed him lying in a hospital bed and posing for the camera.

I was able to successfully finish the surgery thanks to your prayers. I hope to return to the stage after recovering and going through rehab”.

— Donghae

Member Heechul also left a comment on the photo, “The boy that was 17 is now 37…considering that I am now 4…let’s not get sick guys really”. Last November, Donghae revealed during the Super Junior D&E online press conference that he had been having problems with his knee.

I didn’t know my knee was this bad. The doctors told me that I might have to do surgery. It wouldn’t have mattered if I was alone, but thinking that I might become a burden to the other members made me think that I should take care of myself better and show a good image.

— Donghae

On the other hand, Donghae debuted as Super Junior in 2005.

Source: insight

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