SUPER JUNIOR’s Donghae Releases The Most Hilarious Photocard Ever

The original visual King of the second generation.

Fans called it iconic when EXO‘s D.O. released this photocard of himself that had everyone rolling on the floor laughing. No one expected this for sure.

| @baeking_pcy/Twitter

However, it seems that his senior, SUPER JUNIOR‘s Donghae stole the limelight with his upcoming photocard. In a preview for SUPER JUNIOR’s latest album, The Renaissance, Donghae can be seen posing for a sweet selfie with his mother.

| @sumanleesssibal/Twitter

Many fans are absolutely tickled by the amusing surprise. They’re dubbing this photocard “label of origin” for the singer, as well as his way of introducing the “mother-in-law” to fans. Whatever his intentions were, you can’t get funnier than this!

Check out more of SUPER JUNIOR’s crazy shenanigans below.

Source: theqoo

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