Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Calls out Leeteuk for Being Desperate for Attention

Eunhyuk exposed all of Leeteuk’s “flaws” on a recent show appearance.

On a recent episode of tvN’s Amazing Saturday, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk called Leeteuk out for being an attention-seeker and talking way too much.

Upon introducing Eunhyuk and Leeteuk on the show, one of the hosts, Boom shared a hilarious story about Leeteuk and his high self-regard.

When I invited him to a gathering, he said, ‘Sorry, Hyung. There are too many fans outside, so it’ll be diffcult. But I’ll try my best!’ And when he finally came out, he was wearing sunglasses, as mask, and a hat, making it obvious he’s a celebrity. He apologized saying he had no choice but to come out like this because of all his fans, and when he turned around, his jacket had ‘Super Junior’s Leeteuk’ on it.

– Boom

In response to Boom’s story, Eunhyuk agreed and called Leeteuk an attention-seeker.

He’s desperate for attention. He’s the president of the attention-seeking organization.

– Eunhyuk

And when Boom added that Eunhyuk advised him to let Leeteuk’s words enter one ear and exit through the other, Eunhyuk elaborated.

He talks too much. 90% of the messages in our Super Junior chatroom is Leeteuk. He just talks and talks, and no one responds. He also shares all sorts of long posts on social media. As if that’s not enough, he even started a YouTube channel where he just talks to himself for 4 hours.

– Eunhyuk

Since Eunhyuk and Leeteuk’s interactions are all out of love, Eunhyuk’s no-filter exposure of Leeteuk’s personal life had everybody on the show laughing.

Check out the full clip of Eunhyuk’s hilariously savage moment below:

Source: Insight

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