Heechul Once Revealed Super Junior Had A Secret Group Chat Without Leeteuk…Right In Front Of Leeteuk

Guess it’s not a secret anymore:

When Super Junior created a secret group chat without their leader, Leeteuk, they thought he’d never find out about it. But fate, or in this case Heechul, had a way of revealing it all…right to Leeteuk’s face!

Back when Super Junior were in the midst of their promotions for Time Slip, they appeared on Idol Room and during the program, they were given the opportunity to air their grievances in the ultimate diss battle. While two members went head to head at a time, things took an unexpected turn for all of the members when Heechul went up against Leeteuk.

After calling out Leeteuk for talking waaaaay too much in their group chat essentially turning Super Junior’s chatroom into Leeteuk’s chat, Heechul was ready to expose even more of Leeteuk’s habits. Except, instead, he accidentally revealed the group’s secret chat without Leeteuk!

Image: JTBC’s “Idol Room”

I actually have a lot of concerns so I ask the members in the group chat without you in it.

— Heechul

As soon as the words left his mouth, the entire room exploded in chaos as Super Junior hilariously tried to deny the existence of the chat while scolding Heechul for spilling their secret!

Image: JTBC’s “Idol Room”

Hyung, why would you say that?

No, no! There isn’t one!

Stop the broadcast! Stop Idol Room!

— Super Junior

With chaos ensuing from the exposed members, Leeteuk, meanwhile, prepared himself to confiscate their phones and begin a formal investigation into the chat he was missing from!

Image: JTBC’s “Idol Room”

Let me have a look at your phones! I’ll get forensics involved!

— Leeteuk

Luckily, it didn’t quite come to that! After reining things back in, the diss battle was declared a tie!

Image: JTBC’s “Idol Room” 

Well, this was really fun! Right?

— Heechul

Meanwhile, Heechul later revealed that the secret chat never really existed and that he had just wanted to tease his hyung! Well, Heechul’s teasing plan certainly worked! Watch the moment for yourself below:

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