Super Junior’s Heechul Has So Many Friends That He Devised A Unique Way Of Saving Their Numbers

He’s friends with the whole industry!

Super Junior‘s “social butterfly” Heechul has more friends than the average person. Naturally, some of his friends share the same name, which can be quite the problem when saving their numbers on his phone.

Because so many people have the same name. I didn’t want duplicates. I didn’t want to confuse them.

— Heechul

In order to immediately know who’s who in his contacts list, he came up with a unique way of naming them. Check some of them out below!

1. Sunmi

The first celebrity to be mentioned was none other than Sunmi. She is saved as “Gashina Sunmi” on Heechul’s phone after her famous 2017 song.

2. Song Ji Hyo

Next, Heechul best remembers actress Song Ji Hyo for her appearances on variety show Running Man. Due to this, her nickname on his contacts list is “Running Man Song Ji Hyo.”

3. Shin Hyun Joon

Actor Shin Hyun Joon, on the other hand, is nicknamed “Barefoot Shin Hyun Joon” because of his lauded role in the 2006 film Barefoot Ki Bong.

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4. Kim Jun Hyun

There isn’t a more perfect nickname for comedian Kim Jun Hyun than the one Heechul chose! Short and sweet, he’s saved as “Really? Kim Jun Hyun” because he says the word so often.

5. Kim Soo Hyun

Finally, Heechul is also friends with popular actor Kim Soo Hyun!


As many K-Drama watchers would know, he starred in the hit drama Man From The Star, which is why Heechul saved his number as “Kim Soo Hyun From The Star” on his phone.

Watch the full clip below to see Super Junior laughing at Heechul’s naming scheme!

Source: YouTube

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