Does Super Junior’s Heechul Match TWICE Momo’s Ideal Type?

Spoiler alert: They’re perfect for each other.

News of K-Pop’s new power couple, TWICE‘s Momo and Super Junior‘s Heechul, surprised some people, but many fans saw it coming. After all, these stars are perfect for each other!


In the past, TWICE talked about their ideal types on radio shows and on variety shows. Heechul has named Momo as his ideal type for years, but does he match Momo’s type? Let’s see!


Food is at the very top of Momo’s checklist. She loves to eat and wants a fellow foodie in her love life, especially one who likes jokbal (pig’s trotters cooked with soy sauce and spices)


In a message to her future boyfriend, Momo asked him to take her out to many restaurants.


Like Momo, Heechul likes to eat, so dinner dates probably won’t be an issue!


In her message, Momo also revealed that she isn’t good at expressing her feelings, so she needs someone who tells her how much he loves her.


That’s definitely not a problem for Heechul. For years, he’s been telling the whole world how much he adores her!


Check out Heechul’s ideal type here:

Heechul’s Ideal Type As Revealed Months Ago Resurfaces News After Confirming His Relationship With TWICE’s Momo