Super Junior’s Heechul Revealed His Favorite Member, And His Reason Was Hilarious

He chose the member because of one reason.

There are few people who can make renowned host, Heechul, flustered enough to answer any question thrown at him! One of them is Jessi, his long-time friend who interviewed him on an episode of “Showterview with Jessi”.

The rapper wasn’t shy to ask him to reveal his favorite and least favorite Super Junior members. Heechul originally tried to dodge the first question by saying none of them were completely likeable.

But everybody is not funny at all! No joy!

— Heechul

Jessi didn’t like the answer at all, saying, “Everybody else answered honestly! Level with us. Your favorite Super Junior member…? You can’t say nobody.”

Heechul finally chose Kyuhyun as his favorite because of a very specific reason.

Maybe Kyuhyun? Drinking buddy, Kyuhyun.

— Heechul

Despite their considerable age gap, with Heechul being one of the oldest in the group, they become casual and close as soon as they consume alcohol.

Jessi didn’t stop there, inquiring him next who was his least favorite member. Though Heechul was hesitant to say who it was, he did affirm that he had someone in mind.

When asked to expound, all he could say was that it was not feasible to expect a group to only have good times together considering the nature of their work.

What I’m saying is [that] we’re in the same team and we’re friends, but we’re also business partners.

— Heechul

Jessi could relate with his words, explaining to the audience that it’s difficult to do everything with the same people for over a decade.

Think about it. For 15 years, you sleep, you eat with them, you shower with them…oh my god!

— Jessi

If you want to see their entire interaction, check out the full video below!

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