Super Junior’s Heechul Was Absolutely Mortified When He Couldn’t Recognize One Of SM’s Most Popular Songs

Heechul had quite the reaction!

While “Kick It” is one of NCT 127‘s most popular songs, Super Junior‘s Heechul, who is labelmates with NCT 127, struggled with recognizing the song!

Super Junior’s Heechul

In an episode of Knowing Brothers, they played a game where they had to guess the name of a song just from seeing some of the lyrics. Heechul went up against Min Kyung Hoon, and they were told that their song was two syllables. The lyrics they were presented with were, “Let me introduce you to some new thangs, new thangs, new thangs. Bass kick swingin’ like I’m Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee.” Heechul guessed that the answer was “Jackie Chan,” but he was incorrect.

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Min Kyung Hoon guessed that the answer was “Bruce Lee,” which Heechul thought was correct, but this was wrong.

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Heechul was a bit confused and said, “Do we know this artist?Shindong told Heechul, “Yes. Especially you. You know them,” which confused Heechul even more.

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After the hint, Min Kyung Hoon believed that the answer was “EXO’s AJA (not a real song),” but he was wrong once again.

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The two could not guess the answer, and Kim Sejeong stepped in and revealed that the answer was NCT 127’s “Kick It.”

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Once Heechul learned that the song was from one of his junior labelmates at SM Entertainment, he was extremely shocked!

OH NO, NO, NO. Wait a minute.

— Heechul

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Here’s the full video below!

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