Heechul Was Mistaken As Yoona’s Fan And Got Body Blocked By Security

It all went down at the airport:

Security guards have one tough job. Not only do they often have to do a little crowd control but they’re tasked with keeping the idols under their care safe. So when one security guard noticed someone trailing a little too close to Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona he went straight for the body block…only that someone was Super Junior‘s Heechul!


Yoona and Heechul both recently attended and won awards at the 2019 COSMO GLAM NIGHT in Shanghai, China. Naturally, when the event was over they both hit the airport at the same time to head back to South Korea together.


With both of them there to catch the same flight, many fans and reporters came to see them off resulting in a very tightly-packed airport experience! With the guards surrounding them, Heechul and Yoona slowly made their way through the crowd!


The crowd was so large, however, that one guard completely mistook Heechul for a fan! As Heechul was following closely behind Yoona, one guard took notice and blocked Heechul from coming too close! Luckily, he quickly realized it was really Heechul! But the guard’s reaction wasn’t quick enough as Heechul was hilariously heard asking, “You are just going to leave me and go?


While fans couldn’t help cracking up over the case of mistaken identity, they also applauded the security guard for acting quick and trying his best to keep both Yoona and Heechul safe!

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