Super Junior’s Leeteuk Expresses His Pain Of Catching Shingles After Getting The Pfizer Vaccine

Get better soon!

Super Junior’s Leeteuk expressed his frustration after going through side effects of the Pfizer vaccine. On November 7, he posted a message regarding catching the shingles after getting vaccinated.

Is there anyone that has caught the shingles lately? It is known that shingles is a disease that usually affects the elderly, but these days, younger people get it a lot too. I too, have also caught the shingles. But they say that the cause may be due to the Pfizer vaccine. They say that the number of shingles patients have increased because the immune layer in the body suddenly collapses.

I hope you take good care of yourself and do not hold out on going to the hospital if you are feeling unwell. More than five people around me also caught the shingles and I thought I should share the information. Everyone be healthy.

— Leeteuk

Previously, Leeteuk shared a message on Instagram and stated, “The shingles aren’t clearing up as easily as I thought it would. I got through the vaccine but viruses keep spreading through my body.” We hope he feels better soon!

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