Super Junior’s Shindong Shares An Interaction With BTS That He “Still Regrets”

*This* is their true personality.

With BTS achieving new heights as a group, fans always find it fascinating when their industry peers and seniors offer them a peek at what kind of people they are behind-the-scenes, or how they used to be back in the day as new artists. So when netizens rediscovered Super Junior member Shindong‘s intriguing story about his backstage interaction with the group, it immediately became a hot topic online.

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About two months ago, a Super Junior fan channel on YouTube posted a clip of Shindong talking about his encounter with a junior group. He said while his group was monitoring their performance during a promotion, this junior group was standing behind them, joking around loudly. Shindong scolded them for being noisy and asked them to go inside. But looking back, he now regrets his actions. He then apologized while jokingly saying, “I’m such a trash, how dare I scold you,” making the staff members laugh.

We did promotions in the same period of time. At that time, we were monitoring our performance and they were behind us in the line. They were playing and joking around. I scolded them because they were too noisy. ‘Guys, you’re too noisy. Can’t you just joke around outside?’ I still regret that even now. I’m sorry guys. I’m such a trash, how dare I to scold you.


The OP (original poster) titled the video “BTS한테 화낸 썰 푼다,” which translates to “I’ll tell you a story about the time I got mad at BTS.” Shindong somehow found the clip and left a comment underneath, saying, “I’m sorry,” which basically confirmed that the group he didn’t name in the clip is BTS.

Though Shindong apologized in the video, fans found the encounter pretty funny. Super Junior itself is known for being a loud and chaotic group. So, the fact that BTS were too loud for them is astonishing for some fans.

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  • “Before clicking on the tile, I thought, ‘Is this Bangtan by any chance?’ LOL. Turns out it was right; it’s our boys, LOL. It’s talkative-sonyeondan…You have to watch their videos with subtitles because the audio overlaps, LOL.”
  • “None of them criticizes anyone, gets upset at anyone, or curses. They are just really nice and use pretty words while laughing and playing around as if they are at a preschool gathering. LOL
  • “How close they must be, LOL. It’s so funny. How could they be scolded by Super Junior for being noisy? LOL”
  • “LOL, I was thinking I might be them.”
  • “LOL, of course, I know, LOL. I watched Shim Shim TaPa. Thank you, sunbaenim, for being nice to BTS, LOL.”
  • “We understand completely. These guys were noisy even when they went for yoga LOL.”