Super Junior Review Their Career With Children Born After They Debuted And The Results Are Hilarious

The age gap struggle is real!

Super Junior celebrated their 15th-anniversary last year. In a recent video with odg, members YesungRyeowook, and Kyuhyun sat down with some children to review the group’s career!

The members quickly realized that there was definitely going to be an issue with the age difference between themselves and the children. At one point, one of Haeun was ready to call Kyuhyun “uncle.”

It was even worse when they realized that the children did not actually know who they were.

One boy believed Ryeowook was a trot singer, and Haeun thought Kyuhyun was a variety show entertainer! At one point, Yesung believed that it was the color of his hair that made him unrecognizable to Minseo.

When Kyuhyun finally revealed that he was an idol, he seemed anxious when asked what the group’s name was! Luckily, most of the children had heard of Super Junior!

They started with a performance of their debut track “Twins (Knock Out).” Haeun instantly thought she recognized Kyuhyun on the album’s cover. Unfortunately, Kyuhyun had to correct her, saying, “I won’t actually appear in this clip. I was just a student then.

Although Yesung and Ryeowook were actually in the performance, the children noticed that the two members had no solo cuts in the video.


With the first performances done, it was time for Kyuhyun to make his debut with “U.” Yesung pointed out that this was the moment that Super Junior became big. Yet, the children were more focused on the fashion trends of the 2000s.

The next track was “Sorry, Sorry.” The group became slightly more familiar to the children as it got closer to the “modern era.”

When the 2010  track “BONAMANA” started playing, something caught the children’s attention who didn’t know where to look.

Haeun: “Can I say something?

Kyuhyun: “Sure, go ahead!

Haeun: “It’s a little gross.”

Kyuhyun: “I say disgusting.

As the group’s journey got to 2015 with the release of “Devil,” there was a serious change in pace for the performances. There was more of a resemblance of the groups the children watched now! Yet, even with the release of 2019’s “Super Clap,” not all of their music was recognizable.

With the last song looked at, the members reflected on their journey for the last 15 years. Ryeowook explained his desire to keep coming back with better songs. Yesung pointed out that the awards didn’t mean anything, but he wants them to continue making music and being happy as a group.

The real question is, has Super Junior gained three more fans?

Super Junior

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