Super Junior Sungmin’s Wife Explains Why They Don’t Have Children

She has a strong stance on having children.

Kim Sa Eun, Super Junior Sungmin‘s wife, answered fan questions in a recent video on her YouTube channel.

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A fan sent her a question on Instagram that she is asked often: “Excuse me, but I wonder when you will be having a child“.

According to the musical actress, she may never have children to begin with, explaining how she believes it isn’t necessary to have a child immediately after getting married.

I don’t think I’ll have a child at all, but I think I’m like that way. You don’t need to have a child right after you get married. We have our own lives, even though we became a married couple.

— Kim Sa Eun

From the beginning, there weren’t many opportunities for the couple to start a family. Not only did Sungmin leave for the army soon after their wedding, she also started her YouTube channel right after he returned.

There were ups and downs. My husband went to the army three months after we got married. He was there for two years and then another year. I didn’t want to have a baby right after he came back, so I started YouTube and got so busy. I happened to set things aside somehow.

— Kim Sa Eun

Instead of “forcing” oneself to quickly have a baby, she believes there is a right time for it.

Anyways, since I had work and my husband had work, I thought I had to work for now. Some of my friends forced themselves to think that they have to get married quickly or have a baby as soon as possible. I don’t think you need to. I think there’s a right time.

— Kim Sa Eun

Nonetheless, she thinks it is still important to regularly visit the doctor: “Instead, I got checked up really hard. Even though you’re not having a child right away, I think it’s necessary for us to get regularly checked up at the maternity clinic“.

In terms of the complications that may arise in bearing a child at a later age, she revealed that it isn’t an issue for her.

I’m glad to know that I’m in a very good condition, so the doctor told me I don’t need to rush. I was a bit worried because I was getting old, but it seems like my age isn’t old enough to worry about yet.

— Kim Sa Eun

She ended by expressing her sincere belief that one’s happiness should come first.

I don’t want to live just the way I should. I think happiness is the most important thing, so I think there’s a right time for things.

— Kim Sa Eun

In related news, Kim Sa Eun and Sungmin were recently reported to be appearing on an episode of Wife’s Taste together.

Sungmin and Sa Eun in “Miss Trot 2” | TV Chosun

Hear more about Kim Sa Eun’s life in the full video below.

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