Super Junior Trolls Leader Leeteuk And He Can’t Help But Show He’s Irritated

He is so done with them 😂

Super Junior is cracking up netizens with their crazy ways.

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On an episode of SJ ReturnsLeeteuk casually brought up the group’s upcoming album and the preparations that come along with it. Little did he know that this would be the beginning of an impressive roast session.

“We started our album preparations…” | V Live

What Leeteuk meant as an innocent question, was followed by a never-ending frenzy of hilarity by the rest of the members.

“By chance, do any of you guys write songs?” | V Live

Member Shindong innocently raised his hand in response to Leeteuk’s question.

Caption: “hand raised immediately.” | V Live

Naturally, Heechul couldn’t help himself and his humorous ways by asking Shindong if he heard the question correctly.

He asked if there’s someone who is good at writing gok (song) and not if there’s someone who is good at cutting gogi (meat.)

— Heechul

This is where the official “troll Leeteuk” session begins, as Heechul starts to assign new roles to random members. He starts by asking Ryeowook, who is the group’s main vocalist, a ridiculous question.

“Aren’t you the rapper?” | V Live

Ryeowook adds fuel onto the fire by saying hip-hop is his life.

“If you think of hip-hop, you think of Ryeowook.” | V Live

As the boys continue to delegate new positions within the group, Heechul brings up this brilliant idea.

“The main vocal should be Shindong and the lead vocal can be Eunhyuk.” | V Live

Ryeowook decides to chime in by sharing Yesung‘s new role in the group.

“Yesung hyung is the stylist!” | V Live

It was one question, one innocent question that somehow fueled this entire trolling session. Leeteuk, who has probably endured this type of situation endless times beforehand couldn’t help but show his irritation.

Oh Leeteuk, we don’t know how you do it! While Leeteuk may be over it, we will never tire of the comedic antics made by this group.

Super Junior

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