Super Junior’s Yesung Once “Saved” KARA’s Goo Hara And His Act Of Chivalry Is Gaining Spotlight Years Later

It’s coming back up to light.

On an old show in the early 2010s, idols Yesung from Super Junior and KARA‘s Goo Hara were paired together to go on a virtual blind date. However, during their lunch in a broadcasting station’s cafeteria, they were interrupted by then MC, Go Young Wook.

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Go Young Wook handed Hara his name card, telling him to contact her.

Even as Yesung snatched it away, Go Young Wook still persisted and gave it back to Hara, telling her to contact him.

After Go Young Wook left, Yesung asked Hara to hand over the card.

He then promptly ripped it to shreds, even muttering “what a crazy b*stard” under his breath.

While Yesung faced lots of public criticism for his actions back then, years later, netizens realized he actually “saved” Hara. Go Young Wook was convicted years later for sexually assaulting 3 minors.

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Not only did he attempt to get in contact with Hara during the show, the name card he gave her was not his personal one, but the one for a bar he owned. As Hara was a minor back then, giving out the name card of his bar was out of line.

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Netizens were similarly impressed.

  • “The tension was so real, he’s cool.”
  • “It’s not his personal name card but a bar’s name card, and he gave it to a minor. There was some controversy regarding Yesung’s character as he ripped up a sunbae‘s name card on broadcast but turns out Mr. Go was a sexual offender.”
  • “Yesung did really well – he ripped it up on broadcast so Hara couldn’t contact him. And that also gives her an excuse if Go Young Wook ends up asking Hara why he didn’t contact him.”
  • “I remember Yesung got chewed out for ripping up the card back then but I think he himself was braced for it and ripped it up knowingly. He really grew up well… It’s not common to have a person be able to pick things out and right them immediately.”

Good save, Yesung! Check out the clip below.

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