Super Junior’s Heechul Has The Best Reaction To His Debut From 15 Years Ago

Was it really that bad?

While Heechul might be known for his debut with Super Junior, he debuted before this. Heechul initially debuted in the drama Sharp. On an episode of My Little Old Boy, Shindong decided to celebrate the 15’th anniversary of Heechul’s debut.

Heechul’s mother had a warm reaction to seeing Heechul when he was younger.

Heechul had a more embarrassing reaction seeing himself in 2005.

Heechul couldn’t stand watching himself acting at that age. He also couldn’t help but cringe every time he said a cheesy line.

Heechul also had a scene where he was holding hands with Lee Eun Sung, in which he wanted to make a quick apology.

Heechul got so embarrassed by watching himself that he decided he needed to cover his face, so he used his mask from King of Mask Singer.

Shindong and Heechul have very different reactions when looking at the scene of Heechul running through the rain.

Here is the full video below!

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