Super Junior’s Heechul Has Quite The Frustrating And Hilarious Time Cleaning Up After Shindong’s Dogs

Heechul’s nightmare has occurred.

Super Junior‘s Heechul had quite the experience when Shindong and his dogs came over for a visit. One of Shindong’s dogs pees on Heechul’s floor, so Heechul immediately starts cleaning up. It doesn’t take long for Shindong’s dog to pee again.

This shocks Heechul, and he has a hilarious reaction.

Shindong notices that Heechul doesn’t seem to be too angry about having to clean up after the dogs. Heechul shares that he doesn’t get mad at dogs.

Heechul is in for another shock when one of the dogs starts pooping on the floor.

Heechul is initially just shocked at the sight, but it then turns into anger. Despite saying earlier that he doesn’t get angry at dogs, it seems that even Heechul has a limit.

Shindong’s dogs don’t seem too afraid of Heechul as they are constantly jumping on him.

Heechul eventually cleans up the poop, but he doesn’t enjoy it.

Here is the full video below!

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